Robert E. Lee High School

Baytown, Texas

Class of 1956



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We still have some classmates listed below that we have not been able to locate.  Please look over the list.  If you see a name that you can fill in the missing blanks, please let us know by going to the following link. Info for Lost Gander.  Please look over the names and help us if you can by sending information.  Marion Parker has really helped us find some Lost Ganders. Thank you, Marion!

Please scroll down to a message below.

Joe Rodgers

Alton Barton

Johnny Hernandez

Ila J Duncan Gonzales

Clarence Otto

Lexia Jones

Jean Featherston Martin

Diana Wilkinson Knox

Jarrell (Joe) Pinner

Bettie J Underwood Ingrando

























HELP! In sending out Evites to classmates, the following classmates' emails bounced back. Please look over the list below and send me the correct email addresses for any that you can identify. Thanks so much!





Barbara Morton Hiser 

Norma Rayner Grantham

Allen Lostak

Sue Compton Walker

Dorothy Stewart Compton

Annette Krizak Rawls






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