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Jeannie Gordon Copyright c2007 [Robert E Lee Class 1956] All rights reserved. Revised 02/11/07





    Betty Ann Bevers Rice                   

     Spouse: Ronny Rice

    105 Timber Lane

    Baytown, TX 77520


    Birthday: April 2

    Hobbies: Aggie sports, playing bridge, and traveling.

 (Betty Ann Rice passed away March 8th 2010. Her obituary is posted on the Memoriam page)



    Daryl D. Baxter                         

    226 Lombardy Drive

    Spouse: Barbara

    Sugarland, TX 77478


    Birthday: December 9

    Hobbies: Computer, Reading, Portfolio Management


        I attended Lee College, University of Texas and graduated from

    University of Houston in 1969. I worked for Oil and Gas Companies

    (General Crude Oil Company, Buttes Gas Company, Dow Chemical

    Company and finally Transco Exploration Company as a petroleum

    Land man between 1962 and 1990 and I did consulting work as an

    independent Land man until 1995 when I retired. All of           

    the jobs were in the Houston area.

       I am now enjoying my family, friends and hobbies.  Barbara and I

    have one adult child, Randy. We visit often with him, his wife and our

    two grandchildren age 7 and 9 as of February 2007.




       James Craig O'Sullivan

    Spouse: Mary Lynn (Marsh)

    404 Willow Lane                               

    Baytown, TX 77520-1119


    Retired from Geon Company

    Birthday: May 13

    Hobbies: Ranch in Millican, mowing on the tractor, and cooking outdoors.




    Thomas W. Lochridge, Jr.

    Spouse: Judy

    P.O. Box 1538

    Ruidoso, New Mexico 88355



    Birthday: January 28




    Carl Young   

    Spouse: Chris

    906 Poppets Way

    Crosby, TX 77532


    Birthday: October 20






    Marian McClain LeBouf

    Spouse: Lee LeBouf

    3529 Gail Road

    Baytown, TX 77520



    Birthday: December 22




    Billie Gail (Bee Gee) Gordon Langford

    Spouse: Gerald R (Jerry) Langford

    4226 Moonlight Shadows

    Houston, Texas 77059-5525



    Birthday: November 11 


    1956 - 1958  I attended Lee College and was employed by the Baytown Sun.

    1959 - present: Homemaker, mother to two boys and one daughter. Presently,

    I am keeping tabs on seven grandchildren.

    1977 - present: Various positions at First Baptist Church in Pasadena. These included

    Outreach and Evangelism, Childrens' Ministry, Young and Median Adult Director and

    Education Coordinator. I am presently doing Special Projects as a volunteer. (I retired for

    the third time in 2005.)  February 2007

(Bee Gee passed away August 4th, 2012. Her obituary is posted on The Memoriam Page.)






    Gerald Read Langford (Jerry)

    314 Regent Circle

    San Antonio, TX 78231



    Birthday August 28


    1957-58: Attended Lee College

    1959-60: Attended Lamar College. Graduate in Industrial Engineering.

    1960-96  Management and engineering positions at Southwestern Bell Telephone

    1996 to present: Golf, travel, church and family.  February 2007





     Nancy Swenson Lane

    Spouse: Claude Lane

    11806 Manasses Springs Lane

    Humble, TX   77346



    Birthday:    March 7

    Hobbies:    Travel, Camping, Movies, Playing Cards


    After graduation, this Gander moved to the big city of Houston, graduated from Massey

    Business College and went to work at Brown & Root as a secretary to the city department.

    Married a Katy Tiger in 1958 and he moved me to Baytown in 1963 due to his occupation.

    We had three sons (sorry they all went to sterling High) who gave us three daughters (in-

    laws) and blessed us with eight wonderful grandchildren that bring us much joy (4 boys and

    4 girls). The oldest is 23 and the youngest is 12. Professionally, I was also a secretary to the

    V.P. at Hutchinson-Hayes. I was then promoted to Buyer. The last 17 years of

    Employment was with San Jacinto Methodist Hospital as Administrative Assistant, Nursing


    I'm retired and wonder how I ever had time to work in the past.  We are avid birders

    (taking several trips south). We enjoy traveling, especially to New England during the fall in

    our travel trailer.  We enjoy sharing good times with our grandchildren and playing

    dominoes, 42, or double twelve.     February 2007





      Emory C. Wood

    Spouse: Evelyn Sue Wood

    P.O. Box 1315

    Highlands, TX 77562-1315



    Birthday: September 18




    Evelyn Stephan Massey

    Spouse: W. K. (Bill) Massey

    2013 Holton Avenue

    Deer Park, TX 77536       


    Retired teacher

    Birthday: December 31

    Hobbies: Genealogy


    1956-58 Attended and graduated from Lee College.

    1958-1961 Attended Sam Houston State University and graduated with a B.A. Degree

    in education and received a teaching certificate.  I taught first grade for two years in

    North Houston.

    June 8, 1963: I married William K. Massey and moved to Pasadena. I taught first grade

    at Fisher Elementary.

    October 6, 1964: Our daughter, Julie Anna Massey was born. 

    December 18, 1967: Our son, Darren Lee Massey was born. ( I was a "stay at home mom")

    Our son developed a seizure disorder so I did not return to teaching until 1986.  I taught

    kindergarten at a Christian school until I had the responsibility of my aging parents.

    1990: I returned to substitute teaching to get "back in the groove of things". So much had

    changed in the educational field that I just didn't need all of the pressures, so I applied

    and received a teacher aide position in Pasadena and loved it.  I have retired after 15 years

    of service. My husband and I are enjoying our retirement.  February 2007




         Barbara Ann Upchurch Nethery

    Spouse: William B. Nethery, Jr.

    3605 La Reforma Blvd.

    Baytown, Texas 77521



    Birthday: May 11

    Hobbies: Travel, reading, continuing education.


    Fifty years' worth of my biography is lots more than you want to know!! I'm married

    (November 1962) We have a son and a daughter.  They have given us six wonderful

    grandchildren!  My husband, Bill and I both retired from Exxon in 1996.  My mother

    is still living in Baytown and will be 92 in July of 2007. Thank you, Jeannie, for getting

    the website set up--it is wonderful!!  February 2007





    Elaine Swint

    3504 S. Lamar Street

    Amarillo, TX 79109


    Birthday:   July 28

    Hobbies: golf, dancing, travel, grandchildren, reading





     Fred M Selensky

    Spouse: Carolyn H. Selensky

    8104 S Country Club Drive

    Oklahoma City, OK    73159


    Retired Engineer

    Birthday: March 11

    Hobbies: restore old cars, astronomy, amateur radio KD510W, woodworking


    Graduated from Texas A&M with a math degree, served in the Army for 3 years

    (2 years in France) Worked for Boeing Aerospace in New Orleans (helped put

    those men on the moon), got laid off when the Apollo/Saturn program died, went back

    to Texas A&M for a degree in industrial engineering. Worked for IRS until retirement

    as valuation engineer (was engineer group manager in OKC about 9 years) Married

    Carolyn Hill (REL Class of 1959 while employed with Boeing.  We have two boys, 2 girls

    and five grandchildren.  Am living happily ever after.  February 2007




        Latene Owens Stonebarger

    8303 Kearsarge Drive

    Austin, TX 78745


    Retired teacher/currently Realtor

    Birthday: October 16




        Jeannie Holladay Gordon

    Spouse: Fred Gordon

    18134 Spellbrook Drie

    Houston, TX 77084   


    Supervisor of Region IV AEP Teachers

    Birthday: March 5

    Hobbies: Antiquing, Shopping, Family, Friends, Memory Boxes, REL Website


    Graduated from Baylor University in 1960. Married Fred in 1961. Taught second grade

    in Houston until Fred, Jr. was born in 1964 and Sherri in 1965. Then I became

    active in PTA, Houston Junior Women's, Baylor Women's, Pi Beta Phi Alumni.

    Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, teaching Sunday School and all of the fun activities that go with

    raising children. I returned to the classroom in Katy in 1977. I received my MA

    degree in 1985 and became an administrator. I retired from Katy in 2002. Now, I am a

    supervisor for teachers receiving their alternative certification from Region IV Service

    Center. (At this writing I have 24 interns) I love spending time with my four wonderful 

    grandchildren and we are enjoying our "retirement" in our RV.  Fred's dream is to sell

    everything and just travel on the RV. I am just not quite there yet. My new passion is this  

    website! I have become obsessed!  It has been so much fun reconnecting and making new   

    friends.  February 2007



       Ramona Powell Schiraldi

    10915 Crown Colony Drive

    Austin, TX 78747                                   


    Retired Educator

    Birthday: August 2

    Hobbies: bridge, reading, club activities, and traveling


       Attended Baylor University after high school. Graduated class of 1959.  Married Joe  

    Schiraldi in 1960. We were married 45 years.  Joe died on 11/5/2005.  I did the business

    thing after Baylor but eventually got back into education until I retired in 2000.  I belong

    to a travel group of 15 ladies.  We do 2 trips a year.  I have been President of the Onion

    Creek Bridge Association and will be President of the Onion Creek Club Ladies

    Association next year. (2007-2008)


       Joe and I had 2 wonderful children.  Calvin, played professional baseball from 1983

    to 1990.  He was on the mound in the 1986 World Series pitching for Boston when the

    ball went through Bill Buckner’s legs.  He played with the Mets, Boston Cubs, and Padres.

    He now lives in Austin and coaches at St. Michael’s Catholic Academy.  He has 2 children,   

    Samantha, age 17 and Lukas, age 14. Then we had Rhonda, the amazing daughter! She

    lives on Maui with her husband and 2 boys, Daniel, age 9 and Alec, age 7.  Feb 2007




    Kathryn (Kathy) Yandell

    P.O. Box 84

    Sequin, TX  78156-0084


    Retired Educator

    Birthday: May 2

    Hobbies: Golf, volunteering, working out


      Attended Lee College for two years, then to Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX.   

    Earned a bachelor's degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation in 1960.

    Completed a master's degree there in 1965.  Taught for two years in Staunton, VA in

    the public schools...then went to Texas Lutheran College, now University, in 1962.  I

    earned a Ph.D at U.T. in Austin in 1976. I stayed at TLU until retirement in May 2000.

    I was a physical education teacher, coach and ultimately, the Athletics Director for our

    14-sport program for men and women, including football.

       At the present, I play a little golf, do some volunteering for a couple of organizations

    here in Sequin and enjoy being retired.  My partner and I attend the Lutheran Church

    regular where I sing in the choir!

       This website is great.....I hope everyone gets in on it.  Thanks, Jeannie!      Feb 2007



    Leo Hechler                                               

    Wife: Jo Ann

    13311 Bay Place Drive

    Beach City, TX 77520


    Retired: Coach/Administrator

    Birthday: December 13

    Hobbies: Sports, Grandchildren, Travel, Teaching Driver's Education



    Linda Chaplin Gore

    Spouse: David

    P.O. Box 1828 (308 Del Mar Court)

    Colleyville, TX 76034



    Birthday: April 2

    Hobbies: Travel, Gardening, Beading, Photography, Grandchildren


       I have been married to David Gore for 50 years.  We have three children: David, Peri,

    and Susan.  Both girls live in Colorado and David lives in Grapevine.  We have two grand-

    children, both boys. They are 15 and 8.

       We traveled a lot while my husband was working in the oil business.  Luckily, I got to

    go with him to many interesting places, mostly in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

       We have owned a small resort in Colorado for 24 years. This year we are closing the

    resort, and have plans for more travel.  We spend half the year (the hot half) in Colorado,

    where the youngest grandson lives, then return to Colleyville in the winter where we get to

    enjoy our son and the other grandson. 

       We are in good health, and have had a good life.  I am happy about the website, and

    look forward to re-connecting with old friends.  We spend some time in Baytown, as my

    favorite aunt and uncle still live in Roseland Oaks.  February 2007


    Love to all,

    Linda Chaplin Gore



    Anton Smajstrla

    Spouse: Patsy Smajstrla

    2401 Frances

    Pearland, TX 77581


    Physical Education Teacher

    Birthday: December 12

    Hobbies: Yard work and watching my grandchildrens' sports


    I graduated from Mc Neese State University and started my coaching at Pearland High

    School.  I never have changed jobs and have worked for Pearland School district for 44

    years.  Patsy and I have 4 children and 8 grandchildren.  Our oldest son, Craig, was an

    All-American in baseball and played professional baseball for 10 years. Now, he is a base-

    ball scout. Teri, our daughter, ran track for the University of Texas and also was an

    All-American.  She ran in the 1984 Olympic trials in the 100 and 200.  The middle son

    played baseball for the University of Houston. He graduated from college and decided

    to be a police officer for the city of Houston. Brian, the youngest son, graduated from

    A & M with a degree in Engineering. My wife, Patsy, just retired from nursing. She stays

    busy with Republican Women's activities.  My daughter's 15 year old twin girls are

    freshman at Deer Park High School and are running varsity track. They both ran in the

    Hershey Nationals in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  The younger grandchildren participate in

    any sport that is going on.  So, I guess you could say my best hobby is watching my

    grandchildren. February 2007



    Adrienne Davis Hardie (Lamb)

    Spouse: Jimmy G. Swan

    6315 Fountainebleau Drive

    New Orleans, LA 70125


    Birthday: March 25

    Hobbies: Reading, travel, golf (when I can)


    Enjoyed 2 years at Newcomb College here in New Orleans.  I have 3 great children and

    6 grandchildren, 3 girls and 3 boys.  I spend as much time as possible with them.  I was

    married and then divorced after 19 years. Then Jimmy found me and we have been

    together for 6 years.  We had dated in high school and he found me on

    when I put my name in for our 45th reunion.  We hadn't seen each other for 48 years.

    We are recovering from Katrina and the house is almost finished.  I love my life and I

    am very happy.  I love reading about everyone and this website is a great way to keep

    in touch.  A wonderful idea! Thanks! February 2007



    James Ellis Clegg, Jr. (Jimmy)

    Spouse: Mary Jane

    1441 Nighthawk Place   

    Santa Rosa, CA 95409


    Family Physician

    Birthday: January 12

    Hobbies: Birding


    Attended University of Texas where I was a member of Theta Xi Fraternity.  After

    completing pre-med studies, I attended University of Mississippi School of Medicine in

    Jackson and received an M.D. in 1963. While there, I married my first wife, Donna Fulton,

    of Meridian, MS. I was in the Navy for 4 years, during which I was a submarine medical

    officer.  My daughters, Lisa and Laura, were born during this time. After the Navy, I

    started my medical practice in Santa Rosa, CA. and still do.  Donna died in 2001.

    Recently, I met and married Jane Page of Tupelo, MS. (Love those Mississippi girls!) I

    have 4 grandchildren who call me "Gramps". My Hobby is birding (bird watching to the

    uninitiated) February 2007



    Leonard Wiley Shoemaker

    Spouse: Bobby Jean (Foster) Shoemaker

    7941 Katy Freeway #105

    Houston, TX 77024


    Personal Website:

    Retired Civil Engineer

    Birthday: November 11

    Hobbies:  Gardening, tennis, golf, fishing, and hiking


    I am writing this record in my 70th year of life so the reader will be aware how blessed our

    life has been.  The following is a chronology of highlights and important dates since

    graduation from Robert E Lee High School in 1956.

    1956 Spring  - Graduated from Robert  E Lee High School, Baytown

    1956 Fall    - Enrolled at Texas A & M University

    1958 June 1  - Married Bobby Jean Foster, REL graduate of  1958

    1961 January - Graduated from Texas A & M w/ a B.S. Civil Engineering in quarter of class

    1961 - 1965  - Civil Engineer U.S. Forest Service in Lufkin, Texas

    1961 Oct 13  - Daughter, Sharon Dawn Shoemaker born in Lufkin

    1965 - 1966  - Civil Engineer U.S. Forest Service in Cleveland, Tennessee

    1966 - 1969  - Vice President of Dannenbaum Engineering, Inc. in Houston

    1969 - 1970  - Vice President of R.G. Miller Engineers, Houston

    1970 - 1990  - President and Chairman of the Board of Leonard W Shoemaker & Assoc.

    1990 - This very successful firm that engaged in land planning and general civil engineering

          consulting practice was sold.

    1990 - Present  I have provided a comprehensive entrepreneurial investment management

    and consultant/advisor services to a limited number of select clients on real estate

    acquisition, management and asset sales matters.

      Earned life membership in The American Society of Civil Engineers, and have been a

    member, officer, and or director of numerous professional, civic, and social organizations

    since 1961.  In 1969, I was selected as "Outstanding Young Engineer for 1969 by the

    Sam Houston Chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers and as state runner

    up for 1970. Selected for Who's Who in the South and Southwest 1971-1986 and for Who's

    Who in Engineering 4th Edition.  During my active career, I was a Registered Professional

    Engineer in TX and LA and a Registered Professional Surveyor in TX and LA. In 1997, I

    became a Qualified Family Mediator in TX and NC.  I do volunteer family mediation for

    the Blue Ridge Dispute Settlement Center in Boone, NC when I am there.


      My wife BJ (Bobby Jean) of 48+ years is currently working on a Master of Fine Arts

    Program in "Popular Fiction Writing" at Seton Hill University in Greenburg, PA. This

    is keeping her very busy at the computer. She has to go there twice a year for one week

    residency to meet with her mentor and professors until completion scheduled for 2008.

       She has one award winning published book entitled Bayou Shadows published under her

    pen name, BJ Foster in 2000. You can read all about it at  As you

    can tell, I am her greatest fan.

       We retired in 1990 at age 52 and traveled almost continuously for 3 or 4 years staying

    in places until we tired of them usually about 3 to 4 months. Since then, we have summered

    usually 4 or 5 months at our summer home in the cool, western NC Blue Ridge Mountains

    at the Elk River Club. We wintered skiing at Vail/Beaver Creek,

    Co for several years until we felt it was becoming too risky for us old folks. The snow

    boarders have taken over the slopes at most ski places and they are scary and dangerous to

    life and limb. We have wintered in Naples, Florida for 3 of the last 5 years and have

    wintered for a couple of years near our daughter, Sharon, who is a lawyer in Little Rock, AR

    We still maintain our Texas residence and several times a year visit my father in Lufkin who

    is in his 93rd year. We currently walk or hike 10 to 12 miles a week on the beach in Naples.

    We are doing our best to wear out, not rust out. Up to now our life has been one grand

    adventure and we have been blessed with good health, much joy, happiness and material

    blessings beyond what we could have imagined in 1956.           February 2007





    Dianne Barrett Martinez

    4805 Country Club View

    Baytown, TX 77521


    Graphic Designer, Printing Shop

    Birthday: July 21

    Hobbies: Piano/Organ, Design and make Christmas Centerpieces, Reading, AIDS Caregiver

            and hospice volunteer.


       I Married at 16, had 5 children finished 29 hours at Lee College, worked part time in  

    Baytown Parks and Recreation teaching ladies exercise and children piano (7 years)....

    divorced after 20 years of marriage. I worked as an Employment Counselor then went to

    Matherne's and learned the printing business. I am now a Graphics Designer at Gibson

    Printing in Baytown. I also have played the piano and organ for St. Joseph Catholic Church

    for 35 years.   

       My son, Richard, died of AIDS in 1987. Since then I've been a volunteer taking

    care of people with AIDS. I have 4 girls that have husbands/partners and have

    prosperous careers.  Debbie Pena works at Exxon. Catherine Navarro works as a

    supervisor for six Mc Donald's and owns The Living Yoga Studio in Baytown.  Carrie

    Martinez is supervisor for Comcast (Time Warner) and Rebecca Carpentier is a

    supervisor for Rockwell Management.  My grandchildren, Ashley Neil and Sterling

    Robinson are both college graduates.  Ashley Diane Smith has 2 children and 3 year

    old Joshua Carpentier is the world's cutest baby.

       For 20 years, I worked out and was a runner/walker and an aerobics instructor.  I

    walked a marathon in 1983. I lived on the dance floor until I had to give it up due to

    in injury and surgery. My dream is to get back in shape. (Don't dream, DO!) 

       My favorite trip was to Maine. I also loved New York City. I am sorry that I had to miss

    the 50th reunion. I can't wait to read everyone's bios. February 2007




    Lynn Sylvester Mashburn

    James A. Mashburn (Deceased)

    1007 Ventura Avenue

    Midland, TX 79705


    Birthday: October 11

    Hobbies: Grandchildren, Travel, Reading, Scrapbooking, Collecting Royal Doulton Figurines

    working as a Boutique Lady at Stein Mart one day per week, etc, etc, etc


    Attended Stephens College in Columbia, MO then transferred to The University of Texas  

    at Austin.  Married Jim when he finished law school then we came to Midland where he was

    Asst. DA for two years before becoming District Attorney for about 15 years.  We had

    three children. Elizabeth Kathleen, Deborah Lynn, and Michael Shane.  Jim was killed in an

    auto accident October 25, 1982.  When our children were in elementary school, I went

    back to school and graduated with a degree in American Studies from The University of

    Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB). I stay busy and happy and life is good!!! March 2007




    Arthur S Butaud

    Spouse: Fonda J.

    2301 French Place

    Baytown, TX 77520



    Birthday: March 15

    Hobbies: Singing and Church Work




    Archie L. Colburn

    Spouse: Pat Colburn

    15066 Timberhill Drive

    Flint, TX 75762



    Birthday: May 6

    Hobbies: Travel, reading, genealogy


    After high school, I went to Texas A&M for 3 semesters then switched to University of

    Texas and graduated in 1960. In 1962, I decided to get my military obligation off.  I went in

    the Army for 2 years and luckily got sent to the shores of Lake Erie to defend Ohio.  While

    working in the Houston area, I had met my future wife, Pat West.  When she graduated

    from college in 1963, she flew to Ohio and we were married there and spent our first year in

    Ohio.  After returning, to Texas, I entered UT Law School while Pat supported us as an

    R.N. I graduated early in 1968.  This was excellent timing since our oldest son was born

    during my finals.  We then moved to Corpus Christi where I practiced law, specializing in

    oil and gas, corporate and real estate law.  Pat retired from nursing to be a full time mom

    and our second son was born in 1969.  Both of our sons are married and do something in

    the computer world which we don't understand, but they keep our computers running.  Pat

    got into art and became a portrait artist.  I retired in 1991 and began to work more on my

    golf game.  Since Pat also played, we took some nice golf vacations.  In 1993, we decided

    to relocate and ended up in East Texas on Lake Palestine, which is about 20 minutes out-

    side of Tyler. Our home is on about an acre of land, so I get to do a lot of yard work which

    I view as a good exercise program.  We both like to read, especially history.  We still

    like to travel and have been able to take some interesting trips.   March 2007




    Clark J. "Jack" Taylor

    Spouse: Carolyn Taylor

    14122 Cimarron Road

    Santa Fe, TX 77517


    Retired State Farm Agent

    Birthday: July 9

    Hobbies: Tennis, chess, church work


    Good to see those that attended lunch at El Toro Restaurant.  I suggest that everyone

    practice, practice, practice...breathing so we can all meet again June 12th! Ha--Jack T.




    James Earl Casey

    Spouse: Leita Casey

    1210 Wilson Road

    Conroe, TX 77301



    Birthday: October 6

    Hobbies: Golf and Boating



    R.D. Causey

    Spouse: Mikel Casey Causey

    205 River Bend Drive

    Search, Arkansas  72143



    Birthday: September 15

    Hobbies: Golf, duck hunting, travel


    Betty Overstreet Stewart

    Spouse: Mickey

    5311 Pennystone Way

    Friendswood, TX 77546



    Birthday: August 1


       After graduation, I attended Lee College for 2 years and then graduated from Stephen F.

    Austin State College in Nacogdoches to finish my B.S. degree. I then entered Hermann

    Hospital School of Medical Technology in 1959.  I worked as a Medical Technologist in

    the Chemistry Dept. at the MD Anderson Hospital for a year after training and then joined

    the Memorial Hospital System in Houston in 1964.  I did Chemistry, Hematology, and

    Blood Bank for 3 years and then became the Blood Bank Supervisor at the Southeast

    branch for the remainder of the 39 years there. I retired in 2000.  Since then, I have been

    involved in assisting with the care of elderly parents.  Mother still lives in Baytown so I

    am there often.

       Mickey and I married in July 1961.  We have 2 sons, David and Russell. They were

    born Nov. 1962 and Nov. 1964.  We have one grandson named Cody. He is 14 years old.

       We like to travel and be with family and friends.  We have a cabin and an acre of land

    on Lake Livingston where we love to spend time enjoying the peace and quiet and all of

    God's little creatures.  Birds and squirrels are everywhere.  It is a great place for family,

    friends, or just ourselves.  A group of us from the Lab have formed a chapter of the "Red

    Hat Society". We have lunch and do different activities once per month.

       I have loved reading the "stories" of all of my classmates.  I guess that I am the real "odd"

    ball of the group.  I only know of 3 others that entered the medical field.  Those brave

    souls became doctors!

       You have done a great job on this Website, Jeannie! March 2007




        Gladys Sue Kent Hill

    Spouse: Donald L. Hill, Sr. (Don)

    9920 Sandalwood Drive

    Waco, TX 76712


    Record Secretary   

    Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking, Baylor Sports, Grandsons


    I married at age 18, moved to Houston and put my husband through engineering school at

    the University of Houston.  We moved to Ohio after he graduated for two years, then on to

    Oklahoma for two years and then back to Texas.  I have lived in Waco for the past forty

    four years.  It is my home now.  We have two children, Kathy and Lee. They are both

    married and we have five grandsons.  Two live in Waco and three in Clear Lake.  I was a

    stay at home mom until my children graduated from high school.  I have worked for

    Columbus Avenue Baptist Church for the past thirty years.  I am retiring this year and plan

    to travel.  Don and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this year.  I can truly say

    God has blessed me and my family in so many ways. March 2007




    J.T. Preuss

    Spouse: Judith C. Walch

    1429 Mapleview Drive

    Carrollton, TX 75007


    Birthday: October 12




    Shirley Evans Hopper

    Spouse: Bill Hopper   

    21835 South Shore Drive

    Chandler, TX 75758



    Hobbies: Fishing, travel, bridge, gardening


       I graduated from Lee College and worked at Exxon until I married Bill Hopper of

    Highlands in 1960. I then moved to Austin where Bill attended The University of Texas.

    I worked for the Defense Research Labs there until Bill received a degree in Chemical

    Engineering and we moved back to Baytown in 1962.  Our daughter, Suzanne was born in

    1964 and our son, Michael was born in 1968. Shortly (three months) after Michael was born,

    we moved to Tyler, Texas where we stayed for 28 years until we moved about 20 miles away

    to our present home on Lake Palestine.

       Suzy has a degree from UT Austin. However, more important to her is the fact that she

    was in the Longhorn Band for five years. So, we saw lots of football and Austin hotels.  She

    married a really great guy for Maryland. They live in Roswell, Georgia just north of Atlanta

    Suzy used her degree with an advertising company in Dallas for a year then she became a

    flight attendant with Delta Airlines (which I love as I fly for free!) James and Suzy presented

    us with our only grandchild, Scott Spenser Stickles about four years ago. I am enjoying him

    immensely.  I wish he were closer, but I still do a good bit of visiting and babysitting. Also,

    sitting in the Shreveport and Atlanta airports....Ha!

       Michael obtained his degree from the University of North Texas. He has a home in

    North Dallas (so far North that he pays taxes to both Dallas and Plano) and he is a

    Regional Manager of Corporate Affairs and Media Relations for Home Box Office.  If you

    are wondering, as we did, what he really does. He organizes premiers and related

    community receptions, advertising and promotional events. When HBO introduces a

    special production, such as 'The Band of Brothers" series, He knows lots of caters, venue

    managers and newspaper/trade magazines, television, radio, etc. folks in about a dozen


        I stay very involved in my church, Green Acres Baptist in Tyler. I worked with

    the children's choirs for many years when our children were young. I also played in the

    original hand-bell group in the church for 25 years.  I play with two bridge groups regularly

    and I sub in others, sporadically. Also, I dabble in Mah Jong and even after all of these

    years, I play canasta, occasionally with a group here at the lake.  I am an avid Texas

    Longhorn sports fan. If you come to my home when they are on television, don't take it

    personally if I neglect you until the game is over! I also love to garden, travel (love those

    cruise ships) and I catch more fish off of our pier that Bill likes to clean. But more than

    anything, I love to be near my grandson. He calls me "Grammy" and it just melts my

    heart. March 2007




         Dorothy Stewart Compton

    Spouse: Billy J Compton (class of 1953)

    5007 Tamarach Drive, Country Club Oaks

    Baytown, TX 77521


    Retired IRS auditor

    Birthday: March 22

    Hobbies: Astros, UT football, computer, travel and grandkids


    Billy and I were married March 24, 1956 and moved to Austin after I graduated. He

    graduated from The University of Texas at Austin.  We moved to San Antonio for several

    years he graduated and we had 5 children while we lived there. After we left San Antonio,

    we moved to El Paso and then back to San Antonio. We lived in San Antonio a few more

    years and then moved to Washington DC. Since he was a federal employee, we moved a

    lot.  We were transferred back to Austin and I attended SWT in San Marcus.  We both

    worked for the Internal Revenue Office until we retired in 1996. We have 6 grandchildren

    and love visiting with them.  We decided when we retired that we would move back to

    Baytown to be with our family.  We have been back since 1997 but we really miss the Hill

    Country.  We still have some land in Leander, Texas and probably will build there and

    eventually move back.   March 2007



        Bob Barr

    Spouse: Lynda Barr

    1910 Stebbins

    Houston, TX 77043



    Birthday: July 22

    Hobbies: Yar, grandchildren, football, baseball, church, civic association, C.O.P.


    Completed Lee Jr. College, 1958. Attended University of Texas at Austin 1959-1960.

    Mechanical Engineering was course of study.  Dropped out of college, Lynda & I

    married June 1960. Two sons, Jay and Terry and 10 grandchildren! We moved from

    Baytown January 1971 and then moved to Austin to attend "The University". Graduated

    May 1972 with a BBA in accounting. Moved to Houston then back to Baytown because

    my dad died and the move was to help with my mom. Moved back to Houston 1978 and

    left Houston 1984 because of oil industry collapse. Moved to New Mexico, Colorado

    Spring, Colorado and then back to Houston in September 1989.  I was a Controller for

    company that was affected by tidal wave from Enron collapse.  I have been working

    contract accounting positions since 2002.  Possible we that live in Houston could plan

    gatherings in Houston.  Jeannie Gordon has done great putting together REL 1956 website.





         Claire McGee Rohde     

    24119 Rain Creek Drive

    Tomball, TX 77375



    Birthday: December 7

    Hobbies: Music, movies, antiques, reading, gardening, cooking and grandchildren. Also,

    I am learning about the care and feeding of parrots and my navigating the web on my

    laptop.  Makes continuing one's education a fascinating hobby.


    I have to agree with Barbara Nethery--51 years of my life is more than I should inflict on

    anyone! Successes and failures--I've had my share just like everyone else.  One thing I

    can say for sure--I have a wonderful family of three children and seven grandchildren with

    varied personalities, interests and occupations.  They keep me hopping.  Life is good--has

    been good--was blessed with a wonderful gene pool and a healthy family.  I stand back in

    awe at what the younger generation fearlessly tackles. I look forward to seeing everyone at

    the next luncheon in June.  I'm not walking normally yet after my back surgery, but heck,

    I'm not out to win any beauty contests. I just want to visit with everyone at a more relaxed

    pace than the big reunion.


    Hats off to the Webmaster! I'm glad there are those of us who still can learn new

    tricks.........        May 2007   





    Marilyn Jean Durst Pope

    Spouse:  Joseph Daniel Pope

    795 Hooks Road

    Livingston, Texas  77351



    Birthday: July 4

    Hobbies: Quilting


    After graduation in 1956, I went to work for Humble Oil. On July 4, 1957, I married

    Joseph Daniel Pope (Dan). He was in the Air Force at the time. In December 1957, Uncle

    Sam sent us to Stewart Field in Newburg, New York.  While there, I worked in a lawyer's

    office until our son Marcus Oran Pope was born at West Point Army Hospital on

    October 9, 1959.  We came home to Baytown in May of 1960. Our daughter, Wendy

    Michelle Pope was born March 27, 1962 in Baytown. I worked in the city judge's office

    until July 1969. We then moved to Hardin, north of Liberty. We lived there for 30 years.

    I worked for Hardin ISD for 27 years. I retired in June of 1998 and Dan retired from

    Brown and Root in 1997. In August 1999, we moved to Polk Co., Segno community,

    southeast of Livingston where Dan grew up. We have a small farm now where we raise and

    sell hay.  We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.  We have 3 grandchildren.

    Amy 25, Lindsey 21, and Elisha 21.



   John Ross Carter

   (313) 824-2095


    Sorry Sandra McNeil Carter and I missed the 50th reunion.  We were in Japan and lost

    contact with the organizers.


    Hope we can make a 55th.

    With best wishes,






    Beverly Dean Nixon Hoxworth

    Spouse:  Rev. Donald E. Hoxworth

    1016 Evergreen

    Mexia, Texas 76667

    (254) 472-0080 (home) (254) 855-4158 (cell)

    Web Site:

    Occupation: Gospel Singer and Pastor's Wife

    Birthday: October 14

    Hobbies: Music, scrapbooking, going to our lakehouse in Branson and my grandkids.


    Don and I have been married 51 years (52 years on July 29, 2007).  We celebrated our

    50th wedding anniversary with a renewal of wedding vows and a reception which our

    daughter and daughter-in-law planned for us.  Our son, Scott, a minister performed the

    renewal of vows.  Our four grandsons, ages 9 to 20 stood up with Don and our only

    granddaughter, Kari Mae, 12 stood beside me.  It was very special.  I'm sure many of you

    remembered we got married in 1955 between my junior and senior year of high school. I,

    of course, finished school.  LOL

      In the 70's, 80's, and 90's, I was Director of Human Resources for several hospitals;

    Humana Southmore in Pasadena, Humana Baytown, Pasadena General in Pasadena and

    finally, The Deveraux Hospital in League City where I retired to go into Musical

    Evangelism for several years.

      After many years of traveling full time in gospel music/musical evangelism, with a full

    band, we've been pastoring for twelve years.

      From 1979 to 1984, Don had a recording studio and music store in Baytown called

    Music World Enterprises.

      Our daughter, Carla and her husband are very successful realtors in the Nasa area. Our

    son, Scott and daughter-in-law are the Senior Pastors at a church in Killeen.  We have

    five grandchildren and they are all involved with music. Three of the boys have a band!

    God has blessed us and we give Him all thanks for that.

      I guess along with all of you, I could probably write a book on the "lives and times" of the

    Hoxworths, right? LOL

      God bless all of you! We are looking forward to seeing as many as possible at the

    upcoming mini reunion at El Toro in October.

    Don and Bev Hoxworth  July 20, 2007.




    Anneene Messick Jackson

    Spouse: Jack Clinton Jackson

    1805 Woodlawn

    Baytown, TX 77520


    Retired: Goose Creek CISD

    Birthday: June 14

    Hobbies: Travel, Volunteer Work, Family


       I married Jack and had three children, Scott, Toni and Gregg.  Our children are now all

    married and have children of their own.  Scott and Frankie have three daughters, Kendall,

    Kevyn, and Karsyn. Toni and Dan have a boy and a girl, Max and Greer. Gregg and Jill have

    twin daughters, Caroline and Catherine.

       I worked for Goose Creek CISD for 30 years mostly in personnel.  Jack retired from 

    Bayer Corporation as a Superintendent after 22 years.  We will be married 50 years on

    August 23, 2007.

       I want to thank all of you for your prayers, cards, calls, and support through this last

    bout with ovarian cancer.  It's much easier to know so many care.  Jack is the most

    wonderful caregiver giving me more care than I need most of the time!  I feel very


    August 2007

(Anneene Jackson passed away January 31, 2009. Her obituary is posted on the Memoriam page.)




    Glen Ellen Chandler

    2238 Middle Creek Drive

    Kingwood, TX 77330-1719



    Birthday: October 8

    Hobbies: Animals, Reading, Vegan cooking


       The early years, well, they were a long time ago! It's a blur.

    I am divorced.  I have 4 children, 5 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.  Funny

    thing is-they are all beautiful, talented and the best.

        I have far too many pets and love every minute of being with them. Animals are my

    passion.  I work with several shelters and of course, I'm an activist for animal rights.  I am a

    vegan.  Environmental issues are another interest.

       I'm a student of all things. I always want to know How, When, Where, and Why.  It's


       After a stint in Highlands, I spent 20 years in the Conroe area, and now I have been

    in Kingwood for almost 14 years.  I lived here with my mother until her death in 2002. My

    dad died in 1985. 

       Hey, guys, I attended Janelle Bishop's 50th wedding anniversary celebration. I was

    really happy to see quite a few of you there. I just didn't know about the web site.  Glad

    that I found it. Now you can improve your lunches by inviting me....

    August 2007  




    Johnny Jackson

    Spouse: Shirley

    P.O. Box 1502

    Lufkin, TX 75902


    Retired: State Farm Agent

    Birthday: August 31

    Hobbies: Golf, motor home travels finish 


    I finished my bachelors and masters degree at Stephen F Austin in Nacogdoches after

    marrying Shirley in 1959.  I became a State Farm Insurance Agent after teaching for two

    years and stayed in Lufkin for 40 years with State Farm.   I retired in 1963.  My

    daughter, Debbie has been a State Farm Adjuster for 25 years. My son, Jay graduated from

    Texas A & M and was a State Farm Agent in Livingston for six years. He is now in Lufkin

    (since 2003). I have two grandchildren and happy as h---. Life and the lord has been good

    to me and my family.

    JJ August 2007    



    Kenneth Lee Mills

    Spouse: Gloria Ann Heard Mills

    3204 Churchill Street

    Pearland, TX 77581



    Birthday: June 22

    Hobbies: Golf, fishing


    1956 - 1960 USAF

    1960 - 1967 Florida Air National Guard

    1967 - 1996 Texas Air National Guard

    5 children all in the Houston area and 12 grandchildren

    Love playing golf and fishing with sons and grandsons.



    Jerry W Capps

    Spouse: Anne Louise Parker Capps

    12621 Sunlight Drive

    Dallas, TX 75230



    Birthday: November 23

    Hobbies: Scuba Instructor and Golf


    Southern Methodist University in Dallas

    Pacific Finance Corporation (Auto Finance Division) Dallas

    Park Cities Band Business Development and Large Commercial Loans Dallas

    Owned and operated 5 retail dry cleaning plants for 30 years in Dallas

    Retired for 4 years

    Returned to work for Sewell Automotive Company in the sales and sales training. Lasted for

    10 years. Retired again four years ago.

    Two sons both now in Austin

    Three grandchildren

    Thank you again for the 50th reunion,

    Jerry Capps        October 2007   



    Genata Lawhon Price Smith

    Spouse: Bill C. Smith

    802 Maplewood Street

    Baytown, TX 77520


    Occupation: Tax prep and various other businesses

    Birthday: March 14

    Hobbies: Not much time for any since still working, but love sports!

    October 2007





    Billy Jack Garner

    Spouse: Patricia English Garner

    25 Chatwood Road Charleston, WV 25304


    Occupation: Chemical Engineer (Retired)

    Birthday: September 21

    Hobbies: Sailing/Boating, Travel, Securities Trading, Volunteer Work


       After graduation, I majored in chemical engineering at Texas A&M, serving in the Corps of Cadets and on the Ross Volunteer Drill Team.  Graduating in May 1961 with a BSChE, I received a USAF commission on the same day.  I served as environmental engineering officer at Gunter AFB in Montgomery, AL, Glasgow AFB in MT, Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, AZ, and was discharge in 1964.  I met Pat in Tucson and we were married December 1964 in Tulsa, OK.

     I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1965 with an MS in Industrial Hygiene (environmental).  In October 1995, I joined Union Carbide Chemical (UCC) in Texas City in process design.  I transferred to UCC’s Houston Engineering Center in 1997 and later to Charleston, WV in 1975.  I earned a Professional Engineer License, MSChE degree from Texas A & M, and worked part-time on an MBA in WV.

     Pat and I parented three lovely daughters.  Melissa, Jennifer, and Susannah.  All were born in Texas, of course, and all are happily married.  We have 7 beautiful grandkids, 4 boys and three girls age 12 and under.

     I designed polyethylene and PP plants and served as process design group manager, PE/PP licensing manager for four years, associate director of engineering, director of process R & D for eleven years, project director (new Canadian PE plant) and engineering director for three years.

     I served as VP of Design & Development for Molten Metal Technology Co. Boston, for 1-1/2 years. MMT became bankrupt and I was soon un-retired and reemployed as engineering director for UCC.  I retired from UCC (now Dow Chemical) in April 2001 and remained in Charleston, WV.

     We’ve been avid sailors for years, keeping our boat six hours away on the Chesapeake Bay.  Pat and I bought our latest sailboat, “Ubiquitous” in 1999 and sailed 3 months in the Maine Islands, 6 months in Miami and the Bahamas, and 5+ months to Key West and Cancun, Mexico.  Bending to convenience and comfort, we switched to “Hullabaloo,” a 2005 Monk 36 cruising trawler in 1997.  Later, in 2011-12, we cruised 9 months and 7,000 miles on the “Great Loop” around the eastern U.S. and Canada, and in 2013, cruised another 4 months in the Bahamas.

     When not boating, we enjoy our seven grandchildren (12 and under), do volunteer work at CCUM United Methodist, travel, and watch the market go up and down.

     Life is good!  We love to have visitors and REL classmates are always welcome.

February 2014




   James M. Strangmeier, M.D.

    Spouse: Nelda G. Spencer Strangmeier

    4805 St. Andrews Drive, Baytown, TX 77521


    Occupation: Retired Surgeon

    Birthday: January 25

    Hobbies: Writing, astronomy, music, yard work, reading, crafts, hot tub plus


    In high school: science club, junior baseball (pitcher)

    Lee College for two years.

    University of Texas for two years.

    Began dating Nelda.  She was in Nursing School in Denton, Texas.

    Tulane Medical School for four years.

    El Paso RE Thomason Hospital Internship for one year.

    Phoenix, AZ Surgical Residency for four years.

    US ARMY for two years. One year at Ireland Army Hospital in Fort Knox, Kentucky and

    one year in the Republic of South Viet Nam.

    Opened private practice of surgery in Mesa, Arizona and lived there for 3 and 1/2 years.

    At this point, I felt the call from the Lord to move back to Texas and take care of my

    parents. Also, so that my children could have grandparents and my parents could enjoy the

    grandchildren. I have 4 children; three girls and a boy and 5 grandchildren.

    I have practiced surgery here in Baytown since 1972. I retired December 2001 from

    surgery but I still do some " light work" doing physicals and occupational medicine for

    various clinics around Houston. One daughter and her two boys (ages 6 and 9) live with us

    for now and they keep the house pretty active.

    My passion is serving our Lord Jesus Christ.  We attend Second Baptist Church in Houston

    (Ed Young, pastor). I am the current director of our Bible Study Class.  I have another

    year to go on that assignment.

    Scripture tells us that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of the Lord." and "that

    there is none who do good and sin not".  Even so, "we can have peace and joy through the

    the relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    I really love music. I like to sing, but I am not sure anyone likes listening to me, except me.

    Mostly, I like old standards, you know, the songs Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Nat King

    Cole sang. I like listening to the Bill Gaither "Homecoming Performances" and singing the

    standard church hymns.

    Well, this is enough.  If anyone wants to know more, well, I would enjoy telling more!

    Jim Strangmeier, M.D., March 2008






    Nancy Boyer Lochridge Rice

    Spouse: Single

    3502 Mission Viejo                                  

    Baytown, Texas 77521



    Birthday: September 13

    Hobbies:  Traveling, gardening, grandkids and friends


       After graduation from Lee, I attended Lee College. Then I went to work at what is now

    Bassell Company. When I started working, the company was named Texas Butadiene,

    then it became Sinclair, then ARCO, then Lyondell Petrochemical Company. I retired in

    1996 as an Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO of the company. It was a great


       My two sons, Kevin and Mark are married to wonderful wives. They each have two

    children. Kevin and Marsha have Corey, 23 and Cara, 20. Mark and Susan have Jonathan,

    15, and Randall, 9. Randall is my "hobby"! I have kept him almost since birth as his

    mom is a teacher.

        I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to do a fair amount of traveling

    and it is my plan to see as many of God's wonders on this earth as possible.

    March 2008





        Bill Marshall

    Spouse: Jennifer

    25 Roslyn Road, (P.O. Box 571)

    Branchville, NJ  07826-0571


    Occupation: Web Entrepreneur


    Birthday: October 16, 1937

(Bill passed away August 2013) We have not received an obituary.)




    Thomas W. Lochridge, Jr.

    Spouse: Judy L. Lochridge

    2817 Oak Point Drive

    Jacksonville, Texas 75766


    Occupation: Retired

    Birthday: January 28

    Hobbies: Boating, Hunting, Fishing


    Judy and I have moved to East Texas, on Lake Jacksonville in Jacksonville, Texas.  We

    recently decided that with health and family issues we needed to be closer to Houston, but

    not directly back in the thick of things.  We still have our home in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

    We will be back and forth for a few months trying to settle things there while getting ready

    for a busy summer in Texas.  We are currently battling some health issues having to do with

    a diagnoses made about three months ago. Judy is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for 

    the next several months.  Prayers our way would be appreciated.

    May 2008



    Mary H. Wilkins Cox

    Spouse: Verne C. Cox

    728 Rockingham Drive

    Irving, Texas 75063


    Occupation: Retired School Teacher

    Birthday: May 7

    Hobbies: Volunteer theater, tutoring, reading, attending symphony, ballet, theater and some travel.   August 2008




Wade Johnson

Spouse: Nancy Eaves Hutton Johnson

2206 Donegal Court

Deer Park, TX 77542


Occupation: Retired

Birthday: January 23

Hobbies: Honey do’s, traveling, fishing


I married Bennie Pipkin December 1957  (born 9/10/38 and died 8/14/01)

I have 3 sons, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.  I married Nancy Eaves July 19. 2003.  God has blessed me with two really good wives and a good life.

December 2009



Theresa (Terry) McDonald Corbett

10877 E Becker In                                                                 

Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Birthday: January 12


After going through IKE, I remembered why I moved to Arizona. So, I moved back! My life is here and so is my burial plot! So here I’ll stay. I will miss you all though.  God is good.   April 2009


Margaret (Peggy) Gill Combest                                         

Spouse: J. Wallace Combest

2703 Woodland Drive                                                           

Waco, TX 76710


Occupation: RN retired

Birthday: March 25


After graduating from REL, I went to Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Houston, graduating in 1959.  I worked two years at the Houston VA Hospital, married Wallace in 1961.  I have three daughters: Dr. Sally Combest-Avalos, mother of Daniel Paz and Rachel Margaret, Abbe Anne Combest in Plano in the travel business and Rebecca Beth Orton in Irving with Enterprise.  Wallace and I moved to Waco (his hometown) in 1964. I worked for Providence Health Center for about 30 years in the capacity of RN, head nurse, supervisor, and still occasionally make a few home care nursing visits for Providence Home Care.  I enjoy reading, estate sales, spending time with my grandchildren and a little traveling.  Unfortunately due to Wallace’s health, I am

not able to travel now, even for short trips.  I enjoy hearing about the reunions and classmates.


Charles D. Fuller

Spouse: Alice Taylor Fuller

3710 Plum Glen Court    

Houston, TX 77059






Lewis B. Fram

Spouse: Marilyn G. Fram

6 Patrick Court

Houston, TX 77024


Occupation: Urologist

Birthday: August 9th

Hobbies: Traveling, fishing, week-end house in Galveston


I graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BA degree and then attended UTMB medical school for 4 years obtaining my M.D.   I interned at Ben Taub Hospital, Baylor Medicine and then I did a year of general surgery and 4 years of urology residency at UT Hermann and MD Anderson. I had a wonderful and rewarding urology practice for 36 years in the Memorial-Spring Branch area. I retired at 66 and then joined the urology staff at UTMB for five years. I resigned after Hurricane Ike!


I married my first and only true love, Marilyn during my residency and after 45 years of a great marriage, we have 3 great children: Fred has his MBA from UT and is an executive in the financial world in Boca Raton. Joel graduated from Yale and currently lives in London. He is the musical supervisor of the international productions of “Wicked”. Ricki, our daughter graduated from Tulane and obtained her MPH degree and then attended UTMB for her medical degree and currently is doing her cardiology fellowship in Little Rock.  Currently we are enjoying life, retired, traveling a lot, enjoying our kids and grand kids and our 2nd home in Galveston.  Life has been so good to us!!

December 15, 2010


Wyatt C. “Dub” Wallace

Spouse: Carolyn King Wallace

941 Elkins Lake

Huntsville, TX 77340



Birthday: February 28

After working for Verizon for 40 years, I retired in 1999. I now live in Huntsville, TX where I work part-time for a bank.  Carolyn and I have been married for almost 50 years and we have a daughter and a son.  They have blessed us with three grandsons and two granddaughters.

December 2013


  Bill Bridges

  Spouse: Rodrigo Zuniga